Our Mission

“Diverse solutions for ALL of those who have taken the oath of induction into the US Armed Services and for Global Community Development”

NVCCD, Inc. is a not-for-profit (501c3), non-governmental organization (NGO) with a primary mission to provide national and international disaster response, and community development on a global scale, using the most highly trained personnel in the world (former US military). Our mandate is to serve ALL who were inducted by oath into the US Armed Services, whether for 30 minutes or 30 years, and their families.

To accomplish this mission, the prime objective of NVCCD, Inc. is to raise awareness and obtain resources to create and fund employment opportunities for former, battle proven military personnel. Such a civilian workforce will possess the skills, training and discipline critical to effective disaster response, and will augment the role of government and quasi-governmental agencies in a multi-national arena.

The second objective of NVCCD, Inc. is to utilize its highly trained civilian workforce to aid disaster-stricken and economically distressed communities, to enhance compromised infrastructure and improve the quality of life.

Northern Virginia Consortium for Community Development, Inc.


No one is prepared emotionally for combat. How do you prepare an innocent mind to deal with the horrors of war? Who has the mental strength to deal with the death of a comrade from an unexpected, but brutal, attack by insurgents? Who knows how to effectively process multiple deaths, or the human carnage that results from homemade bombs or missiles fired from a rooftop in the dark? Can we honestly expect uninitiated troops to witness the decapitation of a teammate or watch a friend lose a body part, without an impact on their lives, and their psychological well-being?

Yet, Americans repeatedly welcome our veterans home, ill-prepared to deal with the scars of combat simmering beneath the surface. It is much easier to assume no harm has occurred, than to deal with the reality.

vet family

Northern Virginia Consortium for Community Development, Inc. (NVCCD) is a Sec. 501 (3) (c) not-for-profit organization created to help fund programs that assist veterans in making a successful transition back into civilian life. NVCCD works with and helps fund many organizations. Some of our programs, implemented and executed through Battle Proven Foundation, LLC, are aimed at job creation, employment and housing assistance, ensuring veterans can access all benefits and services to which they are entitled, and rebuilding family relationships. Battle Proven Foundation is a separately funded organization that contributes towards NVCCD's goals.

Eighty-five percent of all donations are committed to veterans programs, including the creation of jobs and opportunities for former military personnel and their families, Veterans Resource Centers, Mobile Veterans Service Officer Units, community development, and national and international disaster response. The percentage of funds used in these programs is confirmed, on an annual basis, by an independent accounting firm.

Battle Proven Foundation, LLC

Battle Proven Foundation, LLC (BPF) is a for-profit organization created to provide job training for veterans, and to execute veterans’ assistance programs. These programs are aimed at job creation, employment and housing assistance, assistance in accessing veterans’ benefits and services, and rebuilding family relationships. Battle Proven Foundation is not funded by NVCCD, but it is one of many organizations that NVCCD works with.

family reunite

BPF will assist in the location, building/renovation, and operation of nationwide Veterans Resource Centers, and Mobile Veterans Service Officer Units. BPF will also train veterans to initiate and execute the proposed Olympic Structures Recycling Project, help build the proposed Washington International Sports Complex (WISC), and participate in disaster response, cyber-security, and community development programs. BPF will also oversee the creation and operation of Command and Control (C&C) houses, for homeless veterans and veterans in transition, and programs designed to encourage a constructive renewal and strengthening of familial relationships through opportunities for rest and relaxation.

For more about Battle Proven Foundation, LLC, and its programs, please visit www.battleprovenfoundation.org.