How you can help

Donations, monetary and in-kind, are always needed to successfully accomplish the goals of the Northern Virginia Consortium for Community Development, Inc. (NVCCD). To make a monetary donation, please donate here or "Take the pledge." For in-kind donations, or corporate sponsorships, please contact our executive director.

We will soon be launching our online corporate store, which will contain items that honor and thank veterans for their service, and help raise funds for our programs. To be notified when the store opens, please contact us.

In addition, corporate sponsorships, in kind-donations, and monetary contributions will be needed for the following :

  • A logo contest for the NVCCD, which will be limited to veterans and their families.
  • A contest for Public Service Announcements on veteran’s issues, which will be limited to veterans and their families.
  • A fundraising event that features a cooking challenge.
  • A national “honor the tag” program, which will involve benefits, discounts, and services available only to veterans who present our specially designed dog tag.

Many exciting programs are in the planning stages. Volunteers are always welcome! Just download the volunteer application.

To learn more about how you can help, please contact our executive director.